Author : Gia Sawko

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Gia has 30 years of experience in the Property Casualty Claims Industry. As Gradient AI’s Senior Product Manager of Claims, Gia leads product development for its claims management solution leveraging AI and machine learning to drive better outcomes for claim operations. Her passion and focus are empowering adjusters with the benefits of machine learning to reduce claim duration, and cost and improve operational efficiency. Gia’s career started in Personal Auto but also includes Commercial Auto, Commercial Liability, and Workers' Compensation as an adjuster and supervisor. She has also served as Whole Foods Market’s Managing Director of Safety, Claims, and IBNR. This unique opportunity gave Gia a powerful trio of skills including loss prevention, risk management, and claim financials. Following a successful career at Whole Foods, Gia spearheaded solution development as Vice President of Business Impact at Gallagher Bassett leveraging her unique skills to drive business value from technology and artificial intelligence.